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Registration is now open for Massapalooza 2014! [May. 22nd, 2014|08:36 pm]
William Blake OTO



October 3-5, 2014
William Blake Lodge
Baltimore, MD

William Blake Lodge brings you another weekend-long Gnostic Mass marathon, with workshops, classes and meals!

Join friends you've known for years, and ones you've yet to meet for a jam packed weekend of Masses, Classes and E.G.C. Training, framed in an environment of fraternal fun.

Our custom built Mass temple is becoming quite the place to celebrate the mass, so bring your friends, bring your lovers, bring your Brothers and Sisters and show us how you do Mass at your local body, learn how others do it in theirs, or team up with people from other bodies and experience doing the Gnostic Mass with a whole new team.

Read more, and register today!